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LINC Technology - Clinicians

Enabling medical staff to deliver a superior patient care experience.

LINC Technology delivers PC power to every bedside.  Medical staff can perform daily patient-care routines with greater ease by accessing the Electronic Health Records (EHR) and clinical applications direct from every patient's bedside.

Using secure smart card technology, clinical staff can access LINC Technology's clinical dashboard where they can follow defined patient care pathways; enter real-time observation data from daily rounds; interact with complete patient records; order medical tests and view results; view prescriptions and perform faster cross-hospital communications.






LINC Technology Clinical Features include:




For more detail about LINC Technology's clinical features and benefits click here (PDF).

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Authorized reseller of LINC Technology to Hospitals and Long Term Care Facilities

- Computerized Physician/Provider Order Entry (CPOE)

- Electronic Patient Records (EPR)

- Electronic Drug Charting

- Nursing Observation Assistant

- Test Ordering System

- Nursing Dashboard

- Secure Smart Card & Barcode Technology

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