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Lincor's MEDIVista solution is the world’s leading clinical bedside computing technology providing a secure touch screen gateway to clinical diagnostic power; up-to-date medical data; and the latest digital entertainment & communications services from every patient bedside.











Integrated Point-Of-Care

Information & Entertainment System

for Resident/Patient & Clinical Use

Endeavor HealthTech, Inc. is proud to present this leading-age Bedside technology by Lincor Solutions to Hospitals and Long Term Care (LTC) facilities in the United States.




























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Delivering Proven Workflow Efficiencies,

a Superior Patient Experience and

Rapid Return on Investment (ROI). 

Authorized Reseller of MEDIVista

to Hospitals and Long Term Care Facilities

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Email: Marketing@BedsideLTC.com

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MEDIVista for clinicians

MEDIVista for patients

MEDIVista for management

The MEDIVista Solution is a powerful ‘bedside PC’ enabling clinicians to carry out complete daily care routines more efficiently while ensuring patient safety is secured through a series of built-in care pathways. more

Patients can be assured of a more enriched care experience and enjoy increased satisfaction with bedside access to a wealth of patient entertainment, education and communications tools via the MEDIVista monitor. more

Management can now realize key objectives and achieve industry standards in patient care through MEDIVista.  The system is proven to increase patient safety, reduce costs and increase workflow efficiencies. more

Increased Revenue


Get the most out of your EMR by providing access at the Point-of-Care. More timely and complete documentation leads to higher RUG scores, hence higher reimbursements.



Better Patient Experience


MEDIVista bridges the gap between residents and family by providing Skype video chat at every bedside. Families can ease the guilt of not being able to visit as often as they’d like by having face to face conversations with loved ones from anywhere in the world.



  You’ll quickly see the positive

effect on your Census when referral sources and families see the value in the ability to Skype. This, plus the multitude of personal entertainment options, gives you a HUGE competitive advantage!  Digital patient education will also help prevent hospital readmissions.




  Reduce boredom by providing

an array of entertainment options like digital TV, movies, internet access, radio, audio books and more. Digital patient education will have a positive impact as well.